Staying Connected With The Church Newsletter

      The Coteau Fold is the monthly newsletter of the Clear Lake and Gary United Methodist Churches. Hard copies are available to those who wish to receive the newsletter by this method. These copies are available on the last Sunday of each month for pickup. We will mail a copy of the newsletter to those who request such delivery.
       Several years ago the church began to email a PDF copy of the newsletter to many of our church families as an alternative to the rising cost of paper and postage.
        Recently the church office updated the emailing list for the electronic version of the newsletter. If too many email addresses are added to a grouping, some people may not get their newsletter. The only way to tell if this is happening is if the office is told by the person that should of received a newsletter. Although all measures are taken to make sure that this does not happen, computer and human mistakes can happen.

      Please notify the church office if you would like to receive a newsletter in a certain format, or have a new email address, or did not receive your newsletter. If you are a visitor and would like to receive the newsletter, please contact the church office. Receiving the newsletter is a great way to become familiar with the activities of the church and schedules for that month.