Ministers Who Have Served

      In the church we frequently talk about the relationship between pastor and people as one of “family” and, especially when pastoral relationships are long, affection runs deep between a congregation and the pastor who has been with them during times of crisis and of joy. It can be difficult for church members to understand that the relationship must change significantly when a pastor leaves his or her position, and that they must share their faith journey with another pastor whom God has called to fill that role.
      The Clear Lake United Methodist Church has been blessed with many fine ministers. 

     The list of Pastors was updated in 2015 while preparing for the Heritage Sunday Celebration in September 2015, The information was compiled from the May 23, 1971 Day of Consecration Worship Service booklet, the 2014 Dakotas Conference Official Journal, and 2005 Dakotas Conference Official Journal.



1885—Rev. James Rowe
1885—Rev. A. E. Burrows
1886—Rev. E. Craven
1887—Rev. L. D. Matson
1888—Rev. S. P. Lent
1889—Rev. Clarence East
1891—Rev T. Wilkinson
1892—Rev. F. F. Leaser
1893—Rev. J. W. Stokesberry
1894—Rev. H. F. Knight
1899—Rev. F. F. Case
1901—Rev. H. F. Knight
1903—Rev. Dr. Matt Evans
1904—Rev. E. E. Simmons
1905—Rev. J. T. Allen
1907—Rev. R. L . Kirkland
1908—Rev. F. Sanderson
1909—Rev. P. I. King
1912—Rev. John Wood
1915—Rev. E. A. Burrows
1916—Rev. C. Boatman
1917—Rev. George H. Quayle
1920—Rev. Alva Bennett
1922—Rev. P. E. Nuenendorf
1924—Rev. N. P. Johnson
1926—Rev. A. L. Walker
1932—Rev. H. D. Gough
1934—Rev. Robert W. Wagner
1936—Rev. A. J. Hoyer
1937—Rev. C. E. Machamer
1945—Rev. Albert Hartt
1948—Rev. William Cascini
1951—Rev. Fred Shoemaker
1952—Dr. Frank Hanna
1953—Rev. Ronald Hartung
1957—Rev. James Torbert
1961—Robert Showalter
1962—Rev. Lance Hurst
1963—Rev. Boyd A. Blumer
1971—Rev. J. Vos
1974—Rev. R. Salmonson
1979—Rev. B. Gray
1983—Rev. W. Gran
1986—Rev. R. Pierce
1990—Pastor K. Roozen
1996—Pastor P. Zerface
2002—Rev. D. Kopfmann
2004—Pastor S. Samuel

2010—Rev. F. McKeehan


Evangelical United Brethren

1884—Rev. Henry Loewen
1888—Rev. G. Keller
1889—Rev. John Meyers
1891—Rev. F. W. Tesch
1893—Rev. William Fritz
1895—Rev. B. Fischer
1897—Rev. F. Schaefer
1900—Rev. C. W. Bremer
1903—Rev. Phil Laux
1908—Rev. William Fritz
1910—Rev. J. Schaefer
1911—Rev. H. Etzelmuller
1912—Rev. E. Melzian
1914—Rev. A. H. Sonder
1916—Rev. H. C. Haag
1920—Rev. C. Jensen
1921—Rev. G. H. Kowalke
1924—Rev. W. H. Krueger
1929—Rev. E. T. Jensen
1921—Rev. William Gaines
1938—Rev. Robert Feind
1941—Rev. Ralph Dunn
1945—Rev. E. Boegler
1950—Rev. E. E. Burch
1957—Rev. R. V. Logan

1960—Rev. Boyd A. Blumer