The past three years the Clear Lake United Methodist Church has been raising funds for the “Where we were …where we’re going” Finance Campaign. As part of this campaign, the Building Committee is sponsoring a “A Cheerful Giver” Auction”
    Pastor Frank McKeehan said, “In my 30 years of ministry I have preached on this verse many occasions. I have also seen this verse in real life many times. I have witnessed the smallest child giving
pennies from their piggy bank, people who lived frugally leave thousands to the
church or other charity, and I have even seen this scripture come alive when one or more people share of their talents for a common cause.”
    Recently several quilts were donated to the Building Committee with the request to use them to raise funds for the finance campaign. The Building Committee invites you to “bid” on one or more of these donated handmade items. The funds raised will go to the Building Fund Finance Campaign.


Cheerful Giver Auction Items


Auction Ends On December 13, 2019 Winners Will Be Contacted

How the auction works:

1.    Use the Cheerful Giver Auction envelopes    that are located at the church.
2.    Mark the item you wish to place a “bid” and    then place your contact information along with your “free will” donation bid inside and seal the envelope.
3.   Place you envelope in the container provided for submitting your envelope.
4.   Once the “auction” ends on Friday, December 13, 2019. The envelopes will be grouped by item. From these grouped envelopes the winner of the item will be a blind draw and that person will win the item.
5.  You may place as many “bids” as you wish. It is requested that a minimum “bid” be $5.00 per envelope and use a separate envelope for each bid per item.
    It isn’t the person who gives the highest “bid”  in the same way as a live or silent auction, but like a prize drawing with the winner being a random draw. The fundraising is achieved when many people participate and donate “cheerfully”.  Like the scripture it isn’t the amount that is given, but what “each one has decided in his heart.”
     The items can be viewed at the Clear Lake United Methodist Church, along with the available envelopes for placing your bids.  If you have any questions you may contact the church office.  This auction is open to all in community not just the congregation.
    We thank those who donated these items for auction. Materials alone for a quilt range around $300, and can take up to 40 hours of labor. They are living the scripture of being a cheerful giver. The Building Committee also thanks you in advance for your “bid or bids” and God’s blessing to you as you also live the scripture of being a “cheerful giver”.